4th Year Anniversary
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Our Anniversary is just before Valentine's Day, so we celebrated one weekend as our Anniversary and the next as Valentine's Day.
In October, both Melody and I had Jury Duty, on separate trials, and during her down time, Melody drew this picture of us and our family.  It was the perfect gift and each of our furry kids was represented with their individual personalities!
Here is our Family Picture on the wall in our office.  It's right where both of us can see it from our desks.
Chester is on the table to the left, Karen with Princess on her lap, Melody with Nike on her lap, Bambi is on the floor by the door asking to go outside, Jazzy is curled up in her bed, Razzy has his belly in the air for a belly rub, Momma Kitty is hiding under the couch between our legs and Fuzzy is as close as she dares to get to us!
Melody made us dinner for our anniversary.  It was a pasta dish with a mushroom sauce.  It was very tasty.  Karen ate every bite.  It's a real treat when Melody cooks!
This is the ravioli and mushroom dish.  The mushrooms added a great flavor to the sauce and we both love Portabella mushroom!
Here is Melody with Ann of the Today Show.  She was really great person.  There were only 15 of us standing outside watching the Today Show program.  All the rest of the Today Show team was away at the Summer Olympics.  She stayed and greeted us.
This is the card that Melody gave Karen.  The two bunnies are labeled.  One for Melody, on the left, and one for Karen on the right!
A huge "I Love You" balloon that Melody gave to Karen for our anniversary celebration.
My girl.  Doesn't she look happy?  Hope you had a nice Anniversary honey!
Karen cooked her Anniversary meal the next night.  We really had fun this year cooking for each other.  We are both turning into good litttle cooks!