Happy New Year 2008
from Karen and Melody
Happy New Year Everyone!

2007 was a busy year for both of us. 

We signed our California Domestic Partner papers on our sixth anniversary in February.  So we are officially domestic partners! 
Photos of us signing CA Domestic Partner.

We also rescued a few more cats in our neighborhood.  Archie, was a black and white male cat that we adopted out to Melody's sister Jennifer.  Of course, we also took in another very friendly white and black cat, Kelsey.   We also have 3 outdoor cats that we feed, Baby, RJ and Benjamin.  So that makes 10 indoor cats and 3 outdoor cats.  We are always surrounded by kitties.  :-)
Photos of the new cats.

During the summer, we built a vegetable herb garden in our backyard.  We grew eggplants, tomatos, lettuces, arugula, onions, bell peppers and various herbs.  We made great salads with them.
Photos of us building the vegetable garden.
Photos of our grown up vegetable garden.

We also went on a few trips this year. 

In July, we went to Crater Lake to visit the very beautiful blue lake in Oregon.  On the trip, we also visited a Railroad Museum, a Cavern in Shasta, Lassen Volcanic National Park and a bird refuge.  We also did a jet boat tour and rafting trip along the Oregon rivers. 
Photos of Crater Lake Trip

In September, we went to Maui for our first time.  It was one of the best trips we have ever had.  The beaches and oceans were beautiful.  Karen experienced snorkeling for the first time and loved it.  Melody enjoyed feeding the stray cats in Maui. 
Photos of Maui Trip

We were also blessed this year to share Christmas with Karen's mom and dad at our home.  We decked out the house full of holiday spirit.  We had nice family dinners.   We took them out to see the Nutcracker and a Dinosaur show.  Best of all, we enjoyed good family quality time. 
Photos of the Christmas with Karen's Mom and Dad.

We hope the new year brings happiness and joy to everyone!

                                Karen and Melody
                                Jan 1, 2008

P.S.  We have more photos of our 2007 adventures on
our main website (http://www.karenandmelody.com). 
Check it out!
Us with our California Domestic Partner papers.
Our new vegetable and herb garden in our backyard.
Us at Crater Lake in Oregon.
Kelsey is one of our new indoor cats!
Karen with her dad & mom during the holidays.
Us in Maui for the first time.